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Forget the parties, forget the guards, $8,000 ADDITION NOW!!!

Dear Friends of Newburyport Skate Park,

It is nearly Spring, and the park will re-open soon! Last season was extremely active for the park, through active use by skaters and through advocacy by the community to support the park's continued funding. We now have $8,000+ in our FNSP account, and so, we need to decide how to use that money (or some of it).

Andi Egmont, Supervisor of Youth Services for the City of Newburyport, and Supervisor to the Skate Guards, has made a request to us for some funding, and has also requested a meeting - though no date has yet been set.

I'm asking those of you that are willing to meet with Andi and I, to discuss the park's needs and opportunities, to let me know who you are. Teens and adults are of course, welcome! Please respond via email, but also give me your name, and phone # if possible.

Ginny Eramo
Friends of Newburyport Skate Park
email: gvalway@aol.com
home: 978-465-1409

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