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1986. Jeff Phillips deck, jank ramp.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

cola, SC

not that you'll ever find yourself in columbia, sc - but if you do . . .

coolest "street" section i've ever skated - banks, bumps, and a shallow end return

dead snake and a calculator in the murk

heavy rains on day 1

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bryon just forwarded me this, wow.

On May 22, 2010, at 9:57 AM, Lisa Dorval wrote:


This year's Skate Fest is being held on June 16, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and we are looking for your help. We are hoping that you could gather up your family and friends and your friend's family and friends and encourage them to attend the event. Two of the highlights of the skate fest are a raffle and skater demonstration. Do you think you might be able to find some items that we could use in the raffle ? Usually they are things that appeal to youth and parents. And second and most important we would love it if some of the Geezers could put on a demonstration of their skate boarding talent. We thought it would be a great way to provide some history to skate boarding and promote some healthy role modeling. I had originally thought of a youth/geezer show- down but thought the demo might be better. We are open to all ideas.

We appreciate your support and interest in the Newburyport Skate Park,

Lisa Dorval

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Just got this in my email. So great how the Goners are taking ownership of all of skateboarding. These guys have been coming to NBPT for 5 minutes and I guess now they own it. If people like them didn't play into this crap there wouldn't be a problem. Go ahead, lock the gates, jumping the fence is more fun anyway. Go Home Goners, enough.

Letter To The Editor, The Daily News

Cuts in city funding risk youth safety and skate park closure.
Parents and businesses join forces to save it - temporarily.

Cuts to the city’s Youth Services department is this current fiscal year fell solely upon the Newburyport Skate Park, wreaking havoc with the park’s operations. Through efforts by the FNSP (Friends of Newburyport Skate Park) and GONE (Geezers of New England) over $4,000 has recently been pledged.

Since its creation in 2002, the Newburyport Skate Park has provided an ideal location for youth and young adults to enjoy skateboarding – one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Created through community fundraising, and maintained by volunteers and raised funds, city residents and downtown businesses have greatly benefited from this unique park, over the past eight years. Through a management plan mandated by the city, at the park’s creation, the city has employed skate guards (safety monitors) at the park, at minimum wage, to enforce safety rules including helmet use. However, recent budget cuts to the skate park had eliminated employed skate guards and have resulted in a variety of issues and inconsistent operation of the park. These issues may continue into the next fiscal year if funding is not restored.

After a trial period of operating the park without skate guards, city officials and school administration have determined that skate guards are needed. However, the Mayor hasn’t yet provided funding, which could cause the park to close this summer or fall. 

Currently, the park is operating with erratic hours, solely through volunteers and private donations. The FNSP has just completed repairs to the park and has raised funds to enable the city to rehire skate guards through June 30th, the remainder of this fiscal year. We acknowledge the generosity of New Balance Sneaker Corp for their generous contribution of $1600; local merchant Ganesh Imports for $500, parents Bob & Tracy Pezzella for their donation of $350, and the great work of Tim Coolidge for the recent repairs. And we thank numerous others for their volunteerism and financial contributions. However, these donations are only a temporary solution and the park still faces future closure.

The skate park has proven itself over an eight-year period, to be a healthy and safe environment for both youth and young adults. While the FNSP acknowledges the mayor’s desire to cut city budgets in order to restore funding to schools, it cannot come at the risk of youth safety. In 2004, Mayor Clancy had done the same, cutting funding to the skate park and then restoring it quickly thereafter. Mayor Clancy also developed the current Youth Services department, which continues to grow and benefit our city’s youth.

Only $12,000 is needed annually to fund the skate park, and continue its proven success. In comparison to Newburyport’s other city/school athletic facilities, the funding is minimal as the skate park takes up a small fraction of municipal real estate and sees more use, per square foot, than any other city athletic space. Park maintenance is paid for and executed by the FNSP, comprised of youth and parent volunteers.

Skateboarding is now the third largest sport for ages 6-18 and requires discipline, mastery and camaraderie. It requires no coach, team, or organization in which to operate and offers a superior bang for the buck.

To cut this funding, clearly puts our youth at risk by potentially forcing the skate park to close and returning skateboarders to our city streets. Almost all skateboarding accidents occur on streets – not in skate parks – and often involve motor vehicles. We urge the mayor to safeguard our youth and restore funding for skate guard employment for the coming fiscal year.

The FNSP is hosting its annual Skate Fest at the Newburyport Skate Park on Wednesday, June 16th, 5 – 8 pm. Both a celebration and a fundraiser for the park, all skaters and families are invited to attend.

There is no cost to joining the FNSP. Updates on the skate park are provided through email and facebook. To join, contact us at or on facebook at Newburyport Skate Park.

Friends of Newburyport Skate Park

Ginny & Tom Eramo
David Hall
Lisa Dorval
Bill Bixby
Bob & Tracey Pezzella
John Pezzella
James Shanley
Molly & Peter Ettenborough
Lori & Paul Healy
Gary & Kay Halloran
Scott Boches
Lori Dameron
Evan Boches

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It ain't fresh but . . .

1992 - Jovantae Turner deck, Indy 159s, 44mm Real Unicorn wheels, econo rail (2x4s and PVC), Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt (bah-ha-ha).

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

Dear FNSP Members,

As you may know, the Newburyport Skate Park has been operating only with volunteer skate guards in recent weeks, due to the lack of city funding. And at times, the park has been closed due to lack of volunteers. Andi Egmont, Supervisor of Youth Services for the city of Nwburyport had tried operating the park without guards throughout the spring and both she and school officials found it to be problematic, and want the management plan to continue through the use of skate guards. Parents that gathered at City Hall back in September, and in recent weeks, agree. Funding for the guards is needed through the remainder of the fiscal year, ending June 30th - a sum of approximately $3,000.

While the FNSP would like the city to supply the funding, that's not going to happen for the remainder of this fiscal year. Through emails and dialogues, businesses and parents have stepped forward, offering support, and in the past week, donations have begun to flow in - a total of $1440 so far.

I spoke with Andi this morning and she has agreed to re-hire guards if the FNSP can assist in closing the gap of $1660. So, I'd like to roll out this fundraising endeavor and ask parents, skaters, and the business community to make donations.

Please spread the word, and please contribute whatever amount you can. Donations can be made to FNSP/City Improvement Society and mailed c/o Eramo, 28R Toppans Lane, Newburyport, MA 01950. The tax ID # is 510204486.

Additionally, the annual Skate Fest is in planning and a date will be set within the next few days, mid-week in mid-June, before the last day of public school. I will let you all know when the official date is set, and we will need volunteers to help with the planning. The Skate Fest acts as a celebration, as well as a fundraiser. The first Skate Fest in 2004 raised $3500 - recent years have netted only $1,000 - so we need to ramp it up this year. Funds collected from the Skate Fest in years past have subsidized the skate guard funding, and park maintentance.

This week - perhaps as early as tomorrow, the FNSP is paying for the long-overdue repairs to the concrete. Tim Coolidge is spearheading that effort, along with parents Bob & Tracy Pezzella.

Thank you to all that have communicated ideas and particiated in volunteerism in recent months, to insure the skate park continues to operate in a healthy way. Your efforts were not in vain!

Andi will be posting the Skate Guard positions within the week, and guards will be hired. And beginning July 1st, a new fiscal year will begin and the city will again fund the guards. However, the amount of city funding is still unknown and the FNSP needs to encourage the city to not allow this current dynamic to continue, as the skate guards require ongoing funding - approximately $12,000 annually. Please feel free to communicate your support of city funding to the Youth Services office, the Mayor, and City Councilors.

Lastly, please donate to the FNSP so we can quickly close our $1660 gap! Send checks to:
FNSP/City Improvement Society
c/o Eramo
28R Toppans Lane
Newburyport, MA 01950

Thank you everyone!


Ginny Eramo

Sunday, May 2, 2010